Winter Session: Fashion Photography

This winter I’m taking Fashion Photography as one of my classes.  We meet for 3 hours every morning, and then have an assignment due by the next morning.  It’s a lot of fun, and I’m coming up with some pretty cool pictures.  Anyway, here are the first few assignments.

(As always, click the photos to enlarge.)

Assignment 1: Self Portrait

This was technically called “Yourself as a fashion icon” but no one really knew what that meant, so I’m going with self portrait (in a fashion-y style)

I chose the suit and hat combo.

Assignment 2: Black and White

For this assignment, we had to shoot 1 black outfit, and turn in a B&W and a color, and then shoot 1 white outfit and do the same thing.  The B&W vs color could be the same image, or 2 different images.  It might be confusing, so here are the photos.

First, the black outfit:

Next, the white outfit:

Assignment 4: RED

RED.  This assignment the focus of the picture has to be a red outfit.  I don’t think the whole outfit needs to be red, but it needs to play a very significant part. I’m shooting this assignment tomorrow, check back tomorrow night for results.

Assignment 5: Accessories

I went with a tie for this.  It was kind of a last minute decision (well I guess since this isn’t due till friday it wasn’t last minute ) but it came from me just messing around and liking the results.

Check back in the next few days for the RED assignment, and next week for some more cool stuff!


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