Fashion Photography: Replica/Face and Beauty


Last weak during a break in my jeans shoot, I shot my replica assignment. I decided to do the cover of Born in the U.S.A by Bruce Springsteen, but was a little worried about the prospect of replicating an Annie Leibovitz photo. Luckily it was open to interpretation, and it’s not an incredibly complicated photo.

The original can be seen here.

And here’s my version, in an if-this-album-were-made-today-by-hipsters kind of way:


For face and beauty, I called up Lizzy, who I shot for my urban and outdoors shoots, and asked her to come over with some makeup and cool clothes. I requested clothes that she didn’t get to wear a lot, and a dress. Here’s what we came up with:

Up next, shooting Vintage/Retro tomorrow, and then my model portfolio and my personal portfolio and then class is over! It’s been a crazy few weeks.

In other news, I’m starting a documentary for class this semester, I’m going to follow two professional MMA/kickboxing fighters here in Missoula. It’s going to be a fun project, and I’ll post updates here as I go along.


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