Portraits: Alicia Cartwright

I shot some photos of my friend Alicia Cartwright the other day. I was inspired by Zack “OneLight” Arias and pulled out just my AB800 and an umbrella.

Here are a few of the finals.



And my favorite from the whole shoot:



5 responses to “Portraits: Alicia Cartwright

  1. These are sweet and thoughtful. I like them Steel! You did an excellent job with the lighting, especially in the last one.

  2. They are all beautiful. I especially love the soft tones of the third one.

  3. I like these shots Steel. Beautiful, alive. The hair is lovely, but there is nothing as interesting as the human face.

  4. coy, serene, and humble–love it–they’re all gorgeous; but i’m with pamela, i love the tones of the 3rd, the added depth

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