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Wooly Bison


I’ve been begging my my co-worker’s sister Ingrid to let me photograph her for months, and she finally let me! Ingrid runs an Etsy shop called Wooly Bison where she sells waxed canvas messenger bags, backpacks and satchels. She was recently selected to be a featured shop on the site, and she asked me to photograph her for the profile. I got a few portraits and some action shots of her working (the photos of her bags on the Etsy profile are her own.)



Portraits: Julie

My friend Julie is starting an awesome project in Portland, and asked me to take some head shots for her. Here are a few of my favorites



Instant Film Fun, Part 2

So last spring, I started shooting a lot with my Polaroid Land camera and an RZ67, I’ve been shooting FP-100C, and “reclaiming” the negatives through a process I talked a little bit about here. I’ve been hoarding these negatives because I haven’t had access to a proper negative scanner. Then came Christmas! So now I have a scanner and will be able to edit and post more and more of these. Which is awesome, because they’re a lot of fun. They are incredibly hard to color correct though, so forgive that. I’m still working on getting the hang of it, it’s much harder than a RAW file.

To start off, my buddy Brady did a project on the Missoula roller derby team. As he shot his digital take, I snapped a photo of each player with a Mamiya RZ67 w/ a Polaroid back.

Here are two of my favorites from that shoot:


I also brought my Land Camera with me on our camping trip last spring and shot a few portraits:





And last but not least, is a portrait that I shot of my friends Hannah Spry and Nick Pfeil. When we were in college Hannah drew this portrait of Nick, and printed it onto shirts. Here is the two of them wearing their “Pfeil face” shirts. (Or should it be Pfeil Pface?)

Hannah Nick_Toned2Small

As always, thanks for looking. I hope to shoot more of these, and update with some other fun stuff soon!

Ryan Walker – PTFC Seattle Away

The Timbers played Seattle up here last weekend, so naturally me and my good friend Ryan went. I snapped some photos of him in his game day attire before we left for the stadium.

New Project, Athletes: Before and After

So I’ve started working on a new project that compares portraits of athletes before and after working out/competing. It’s not necessarily a new concept, but it was one I wanted to explore.

I started out how I always start, photographing my friends and roommates. My roommate Josh is training to run the Seattle Marathon in November, so I snapped a few shots before he went for his run today. And as soon as he got back.


There isn’t much of a difference other than the sweat on his shirt. But that’s part of what I like about it. It’s about the subtle differences. I might try it again on a day that he goes for a longer run. I also want to shoot a hockey player, a cyclist, and a skateboarder. We’ll see how those turn out as well.

Wedding Photo Booth

A few weekends ago I drove to Portland to shoot a wedding with my dear friend Alisia Duganz. My main role at the reception was to run a photo booth. Alisia bought props and invited people up to get their pictures taken. Some were silly and some were serious. Here are two of my favorites.

The groom.

This little kid was the coolest I’ve met in a while. This pose was exactly how he settled himself after getting in front of the camera.

PS I just borrowed a 4×5 from a friend and took it out for a few test shots. I’ll post those in the next few days!


Instant Film Fun!

I’ve been shooting Fuji FP-100C instant film on my friend Alicia’s Mamiya RZ67 a lot recently and recently discovered a really cool process. I first read about it in Film is not Dead a book by Jonathan Canlas. In the book he describes how you can take the back of the peel-away instant film, and by a process of bleaching reveal the actual plastic negative. I started doing some research on this and came across this blog post by Joey Early detailing the steps. The only difference in my process is that I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser rather than bleach.

I decided to try it out.

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