Headshots: Chris Mai

My friend Chris Mai recently asked me to take some headshots of him. My last post was inspired by the OneLight style of Zach Arias. This one is inspired by Peter Hurley, one of the best/most prominent headshot photographers out there. Check him out, he’s awesome.

Here are a few shots of Chris.





Portraits: Alicia Cartwright

I shot some photos of my friend Alicia Cartwright the other day. I was inspired by Zack “OneLight” Arias and pulled out just my AB800 and an umbrella.

Here are a few of the finals.



And my favorite from the whole shoot:


Thanksgiving Portraits.

This is a quick and dirty portrait session I did of me and my friends before we left for Thanksgiving dinner last night. I love turning my living room into a makeshift studio.

More photos after the jump.

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So I’m not much of a food photographer, my only real experience is from my freelance photo class last fall, and that was in no way “traditional” food photography.  But I recently started an internship at the Willamette Week and was assigned a bunch of restaurants to shoot for their upcoming Restaurant Guide. So here it is, my first crack at more traditional food photography.

Drinks from Beaker & Flask (left) and St. Jacks (right)

St. Jacks

Agnolotti from A Cena in Sellwood. Very good pasta dish!

Beef Heart Skewers from Del Inti on Alberta.

It was a lot of fun to get to shoot all this food, I think I went to a total of 10 places, and shot photos of 12 drinks/dishes.

Stay tuned: I just shot photos of the first night of Portland Fashion Week last night. It was the Emerging Designers competition and my good friend Amanda Grisham won! You might remember Amanda from the head shots I took of her a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun, and my first time shooting runway. Here’s a sneak peek!

Mubarak Ra’oof: Headshots

I’ve been doing more head shots recently, these were done for my friend Mubarak. Mubarak lives in LA and is working incredibly hard to get his acting career going, and has already been in 2 nationally televised commercials this year.

I also had a field day with this awesome blue wall I found.

Amanda Grisham: Fashion Designer

My friend Amanda Grisham just got accepted to Portland Fashion Week! She needed some headshots for promo stuff, so I offered to take them. We shot them today in the spare bedroom at my house. Check out her work, it’s awesome!


Taylor Sieg – Portraits

My buddy Taylor Sieg just graduated from Oregon State in Apparel Design. He’s living in Portland again and has been making a bunch of bags recently. I came up with this idea to shoot him sewing in his back yard, and finally I got around to shooting it. The idea was really to shoot something he could use, probably as his “about me” photo on his website/blog.

More photos after the jump.

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