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Wooly Bison


I’ve been begging my my co-worker’s sister Ingrid to let me photograph her for months, and she finally let me! Ingrid runs an Etsy shop called Wooly Bison where she sells waxed canvas messenger bags, backpacks and satchels. She was recently selected to be a featured shop on the site, and she asked me to photograph her for the profile. I got a few portraits and some action shots of her working (the photos of her bags on the Etsy profile are her own.)



Mubarak Ra’oof: Headshots

I’ve been doing more head shots recently, these were done for my friend Mubarak. Mubarak lives in LA and is working incredibly hard to get his acting career going, and has already been in 2 nationally televised commercials this year.

I also had a field day with this awesome blue wall I found.

Winter Portraits

EDIT: New photos added 1/9/11 Scroll down to find them!

So after reading a post on Strobist about how to make a makeshift ringlight out of an umbrella, I decided to try it out. It’s great if you only have one light and limited space, still not sure how much I like it, but it’s a good trick to have in the bag. Here’s my mom and her friend Claire, I’m hoping to get more just like this over the rest of the break.

EDIT:  I shot some more photos today of my little (in birth order only) brother Clay, and my friend Kealey.

Stay tuned, hopefully more photos to come over the next week.

EDIT AGAIN:  More photos.  Today I shot my good friend Drew Taylor.  No guns.

Here’s my friend Nick, he only gets one shot because my flash batteries died.  Amateur hour.

EDIT: I’m back in Missoula now, and have been taking a Fashion Photography class, but I’m also trying to keep up the “Winter Portrait” series. I’ve been using my roommate Max’s room, which has these great yellow walls. Here are a few more of my friend Hannah Spry and my roommate Justin Franz. As well of one of me and Hannah.

AND NOW, the photographer, as shot by Drew Taylor.